Maxime Libai – Nov 2014

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I'm in my 6th month, still a beginner!

Why do you do Muay Thai?

I was always interested in martial arts, i thought it was about time to start! Muaythai seemed to be the most complete one, using knees and elbows , that's why it appealed a lot to me!

What are your personal goals?

Becoming bad ass!! (Joking)...Just to get better and maybe do a fight or two!

Why do you choose to train at Daosawan?

I found Daosawan by chance, not knowing anything about the club! The family ambiance and good training are what have kept me continuing!

Have you noticed any positive changes since you started training?

More confidence, more focus, ...overall i'm just feeling better! I'm starting to have nice abs too :) .

Do you have any advice for others who are just getting started?

Give yourself some time! Be dedicated, because it takes a lot of repetition and work to learn!

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