You can start at the beginning! A very good place to start!

Again depending on your experience you will have to join our regular classes first for at least 3 months or more! (12 months if you’re an absolute beginner)! Then we will see!

Competition is not for everyone! You’ll have to prove you deserve to represent our Club, and must earn our attention by coming often to classes and showing the correct attitude and level of skill necessary!

We chose the best of our students to represent our Club, just like a soccer coach choses his best players to make his team! Because when you fight Muay thai style you don’t just fight for yourself and for your own ego! You compete for your Club, for your teachers and for the Art of Muay Thai!

If you join the Daosawan Fight Team…you’ll have harder schedules and more intensive workouts! You’re expected to train at least 5 times per week for at least 2 months before your first tournament! It is a team sport and you’ll need to be responsible and committed!

Once you decide to enter a tournament, you can not go back on your word! Remember: you’re not in it alone! There are other people involved, your trainers, your teammates and sparring partners, the promoters, sponsors, the fans and… there are many things to learn: physical, technical, mental, tactical, etc. and many things to prepare: logistics, renting of cars, hotels, etc! It’s a lot of extra work for everyone!

You’ll also have to learn the WAI KRU RAM MUAY: the traditional sacred dance of respect to teachers, passed down to us from our teachers and their teachers! That is only for those advanced students and for those committed to our Club and to Muay Thai!

Finally, if a student is accepted into our Daosawan Fight Team he will be required to represent our Club when requested, and when there are opportunities, not when he wishes to do so! Of course there will be some exceptions and time considerations but …we want a real Amateur (and/or Pro) Muay Thai Fight Team, with athletes ready to go from Montreal to Laval, NY, Toronto, Vancouver, Tokyo, or Bangkok within a month’s notice!

We don’t want to lose our time training someone who just wants a “fight” for the fun of it, then disappear for the rest of the year!

Either you are on the Daosawan Fight Team or you’re not on the team! There’s no 50/50! A Fight Team competes…and competes often, towards a provincial, national or international championship!

At Daosawan we follow WMC weight divisions and fight rules for pros and IFMA fight rules, weight divisions and competition classes for amateurs:

Class C (less than 10 fights), Class B (less than 20 fights) and Class A (more than 20 fights)

Again…we are happy and honored to train anyone to represent our Club and represent real Muay Thai! We give the best of us to all our fighters and students! We expect the same from them all as well!