That is a very common question nowadays! First of all let me say we have no problem with that and wish all competitors in any martial art and fighting sport the best of luck and success! Your success is everyone’s success for martial arts in general!

However learning some basics in Muay Thai does not make one a Muay Thai fighter, even if he uses some “shin low kicks” or some “Thai knee” skills in MMA or UFC tournaments!

Often people learn some Muay Thai skills for a few weeks, Jujitsu for a few years, Grappling and Wrestling for a few months than take part in MMA tournaments and call themselves Thai boxers, Jujitsu fighters or grapplers with some Muay Thai experience..or a Thai fighter with Jujitsu skills, etc, etc!

If a MMA or UFC fighter knocks someone out with a high shin kick to the head…then Muay Thai is the best! If it ends on the ground with a leg or arm lock, then Jujitsu is the best!

We don’t agree with that approach! In fact many of them don’t kick, knee, punch or elbow properly (according to pro Muay Thai physical and technical standards most of them should not even be in the ring!!) whether they win or lose!

If you want to call yourself a pro Muay Thai fighter you have to train Muay Thai style 5 to 6 days per week 2 times per day for a few years then fight with real Muay Thai rules for at least 10, 20 fights or more! Then you can call yourself a pro Muay Thai boxer who has some Jujitsu experience! No problem with us!

But entering a MMA tournament, losing it and then blaming the loss because his Muay Thai was not good, or showing off his win because his Muay Thai was excellent… that’s ridiculous! It wasn’t a Muay Thai fight in the first place!

All this unfortunately just helps to perpetuate the stereotype of Muay Thai as another extreme fighting sport!

But let me clear about this: real Muay Thai is not an extreme fighting sport! Muay Thai fighters don’t fight in cages…they fight in sacred rings, and pray sincerely before entering or leaving a ring! They call out for the spirits of the ring, of the earth and the sky to protect them and their opponents from serious injury! When they fight and fall they get up, and give each other a chance to recover and fight fairly! It is a Noble Art!

Amateur and pro Muay Thai fighters fight in competition with rules and tradition, and respect for all, respect for their opponents, for their teachers, for their ancestors! They just do enough to win the match, not to seriously hurt or kill their opponents!

It’s fight of heart and skill, not of egos, and they show it in the ring, in their training and through out their lives!

Even the best of the best Thai fighters stay humble. After more than 200 fights, they know that in the ring one day you win, one day you lose! But on the street, you lose and you may die! And if they ever join the army they know their Muay Thai skills will have their limits! But their courage and heart to fight for their country and for what is right is limitless!!

At Daosawan we are all in favor of trying different martial arts and sports until you find the one that suits your physical attributes and personality!

We also believe ALL martial arts are worth studying! But we know by experience that it is pretty difficult to get a PhD in Medecine and another one in Law …at the same time!

At a top level though, all masters, top instructors and fighters agree on one thing:

100% mastery or effectiveness doesn’t exist! If it did, we’d be Gods or Supermen! But we aren’t! We are all just men, women and children!

True effectiveness in combat is dependant on too many variables, from the clothes you’re wearing that day to the weather outside! Success depends not only on the style, but also on the context, on the individual, his training, his experience, his talent and ability!

Success in the ring is victory, on the street it’s survival…on the battlefield it’s hell!

But true success in life and as a human being is love, peace, wisdom and kindness …pretty close to heaven!

In other words, you can have some fool learn all possible martial arts and not master a single one…while all you need is a good punch at the right place and right time… by another fool!

So our advice is the following: find a martial art or a fighting sport that suits you and once you find it, be good at it! Give yourself to it…master it and understand the difference between training for fun, training for fitness, training for competition and training for self-defense or for a war! It’s all different…but if you’re good at it, it can help you when you really need it to save your life!

It’s not how much you know..but how well you can use the little that you know!

But there’s no guarantee!

Trying to find the “best” martial art or to be invincible is useless and futile for most civilians! They can not train 8 hours per day like a gladiator or warrior, even if they wanted! And if you want to be a real professional warrior, better join the army, or the police, help your country and show your value by putting your life on the line!

A champion in the ring, regardless of style (that includes Muay Thai as well!) or mix of styles, does not make anyone invincible, or his mix of styles the best, most realistic style!

You’ll find out soon enough if ever you’re surrounded by enemy soldiers (or half a dozen street thugs out to kill you!!) whether your grappling skills, your kicks or elbow strikes and holds are going to help you, you’ll find right after you’ve been shot or stabbed from all sides a few times, one day or one late evening!

There are strengths and limits to us all! But if you live by the sword…you’ll die by the sword, sooner or later!

Fighting and violence are wrong without a valuable reason and promoting fighting without promoting wisdom, respect, compassion and honor is not the right way!

The best self-defense is to prevent and avoid trouble by having a healthy body and a healthy mind! With strength, skill and power must be taught wisdom and kindness! A strong person without wisdom is what we simply call a bully!

Real Muay Thai training offers a more balanced approach: the physical, the technical, the mental and the spiritual, as handed down from ancient times!

Having said all this, we will teach anyone basic Muay Thai regardless,

if it can help anyone in any way…but we are not coaches or instructors of MMA, UFC, PRIDE, Vale Tudo, etc! Those are different sports, different fighting arts with different rules!

Our sport at Daosawan is pure Muay Thai, for fitness, self-defense or competition, amateur or pro, with full Thai rules and all the beautiful, ancient Thai traditions!

No disrespect intended against others…but we just like ours the best, are proud of the way it simply is and we are trying hard to promote it and keep it that way!

If someone wants to compete with full Muay Thai rules, representing Muay Thai, representing our Club…amateur or pro, we’ll be in your corner all the way, with all our heart and soul, in and out of the ring!