Yes, professional Muay Thai fighters around the world train extremely hard specially when a fight is coming up, which for a professional boxer in Thailand occurs once or twice per month!

In Quebec however most people are not professional fighters! There are a few amateur competitors now too…and they also train harder than usual for their tournaments! Then, after the tournament everyone goes back to their normal training routines, to continue learning the art and keep in shape!

Muay Thai is a tough, full contact sport and a martial art! Thai boxers believe that it is better to cry tears of blood during training and tears of laughter during the battle! Not the opposite! This is what makes a Muay Thai fighter tough and respected worldwide! You have to train hard because your opponent is also training hard! The harder and better you train the more chances you have of winning!

At Daosawan we train hard but also smart as well and according to everyone’s goals, age, experience and level! We strive for a balance between hard and easy classes, but always remembering Art before Force! The true hidden power of Muay thai is there! The best fighters of all time and best athletes of all time were all masters of their Art, not necessarily the strongest kickers or the hardest punchers! They used their brains as well as their bodies. They were skilful!

At Daosawan however, some things will never change (this is not a social club!):
you’ll be asked to workout and try your best every time to attain our standards for your level: skipping rope, rounds on the heavy bag, pad training, dozens of push-ups and hundreds of sit- ups are part of the deal!

You want to learn Muay Thai? That is the way to do it! You got to sweat a little! It’s a boxing art and a sport…it takes practice, discipline and effort! In the end you’ll get the results!

It’s not only a matter of can but of “will”! When the going gets tough will you also have the legs, lungs and the “will” to get going?? That is also Muay Thai!

Again, I’ve seen little kids do the work of adults, little women without any martial arts experience making effort without complaint and coming back the next day for more! On the opposite side I’ve seen 180 lbs, mature male adults in their 20’s give up because of some small blisters on their feet or difficulty in jumping rope during a simple warm up, or even worse: because of fear, most people don’t even bother to try!

Will you be able to do it??? The question is: do you really want to do it? If you want, you can! One step at a time! As long as you try! Only you can do it for you!