Well…depending on your experience only you can answer that question! If you feel you know everything there is to know about Muay Thai maybe you still have a lot to learn!

In Muay Thai no one knows everything…there are just people with more experience than others, and some with more knowledge than others! But we all can learn something from everyone, at one time or another!

The best way to find out is to come to our Club observe a class and talk with our instructors! Perhaps you just want to continue your training to keep in shape, or perhaps you feel you want to learn more…or perhaps you want to compete!

Whatever the reason if you like Muay Thai and understand the true spirit of Muay Thai, you will respect all teachers, students and the other clubs! Just like we do!

If you join our Club however you will follow our rules and our training methods!
You will have to follow like the others! After the basic 3 months “probation” you will be given a “praciat” appropriate to your level, according to our standards and our curriculum! In other words, don’t expect any special treatment!

Many people come to our Club saying they’ve done Muay Thai before…some have, but a lot of them haven’t, and they don’t even know it! They get frustrated when our methods suddenly differ from what they have been doing all this time! Sometimes they even think we are not teaching Muay Thai! What can we say? If you show a piece of gold to a blind person all he feels is a cold stone!

Some also feel that their previous experience in martial arts and kickboxing is equivalent, therefore they feel bored when we asked them to practice some of the Muay thai basics!

Because they think they already know what a jab or left hook is, or low kick, or because they’re in pretty good shape they want to train more intensively, training with pads with the instructor in the ring and perhaps even trying some sparring! They think of themselves and forget the class! They forget about learning Muay Thai and don’t see what we’re trying to teach!

But with a first look we can tell they don’t know Muay Thai, their left hook is not a Muay Thai left hook, when they move and stand is not Muay Thai…and if we really did everything they want to do when they show up for a trial class they would not last one round of real Muay Thai training!

We have had professional Muay Thai boxers from Thailand training with us, and helping out with the class! And even them they practiced the basics all over and over again, they followed the class with a smile on their faces and understand how to train with amateurs and how to behave when you go to someone else’s house!

Daosawan is here for those who love Muay Thai, and want to learn all it’s aspects, not only some parts, and not only what they think they need to learn and when they want it!

On the other hand if you really feel you have nothing to learn from us, then it’s probably better you go somewhere else or perhaps start your own Club! No problem!

On the contrary, we wish you the best of luck and success! Your success with Muay thai is the success of Muay Thai!