Every class is different depending on the instructor and depending on who and how a students show up that day! Usually because we’re open every day our classes have an average of 15 to 20 students of different levels! Daosawan Muay Thai offers an authentic Muay Thai workout, just like the professional camps in Thailand! However the training will be adapted to your needs, and objectives! Everyone learns the same things…but the quantity and intensity will change accordingly, whether you are training for fitness, self-defense or competition! Some classes are more technical, working on basic skills, some classes are more physical, working on your endurance, resistance, strength, etc, some classes are more specific, working on fighting combinations and counters, with or without partner, and some classes are more intensive, working on all the aspects plus sparring and pad training with instructor, etc! If you come regularly you will understand how we work and you’ll be able to work on and improve all these skills and aspects of real Muay Thai training. At Daosawan Muay Thai we believe in “Art before Force”, which means one should get in shape first while also learning and practicing all basic Muay Thai skills properly, without power and equipment, followed slowly by a strong foundation on the heavy bags before moving on to the more intensive training with pads or full contact sparring!

A normal advanced adult class is as follows:

1- Wai Kru, start of the class;

2- Warm-up: jogging and/or skipping, stretching, shadow-boxing;

3- Skills training: alone and/or with partner of similar level and experience;

4- Bag training or / and Pads training with partner or Instructor;

5-Light contact technical sparring* with partner of similar level and experience);

6-Full contact sparring (advanced students only and fight team members);

7-Clinching and ‘neck wrestling’;

8-Strengthening exercises: squats, push-ups, sit-ups, etc;

9-Cool-down: shadow boxing, stretching, breathing exercises, meditation exercises, etc.

10- Wai Kru, end of the class;

Total time: 1.5 to 2 hours.

Again the training, the intensity and the order of the workout will be adjusted and adapted to everyone, depending on their personal objectives, experience and fitness level!

* Sparring in Muay Thai is different from sparring in western boxing! Full Muay Thai sparring is lighter and more technical and without ego! It is very useful for those who are interested in applying what they have learned. It’s ALWAYS done in a safe, controlled and step- by-step manner, with the presence of an Instructor AND WITH ALL THE APPROPRIATE  SAFETY GEAR! We recommend full sparring to all advanced students because  Muay Thai is a fighting art and a full contact sport: “You can‘t learn to swim by practicing on dry land !”