Basically all you need is:

1-to like this kind of sport;
2-a sincere desire to learn;

If you like something a lot you’ll want to come regularly to classes, whether it’s rainy or sunny, hot or cold! If you like it you’ll want to be good at it whether its easy or hard, whether you’re tired from work or busy at school with exams!

If you’re sincere, you will give your best every time…not comparing yourself with anyone else and realizing Muay Thai is as much an individual sport as it is a team sport!

You and your attitude are important inside and outside of the Club! Muay Thai by itself will not change anything if you skip classes, smoke and drink too much or eat poorly! I have seen strong, 200 lbs young males give up after just 1 round of skipping with light ropes, while besides them 100 lbs young females with no experience at all skip 3 rounds with Thai heavy ropes and without any problem!

If you’re patient and reasonable you’ll give yourself some goals because you know that Muay Thai takes some time to learn, to get in shape and even more time to practice and eventually master, but anyone can learn it! It’s all up to you, if you really like it and really want it! However without patience and balance in your workout and life style you’ll not go far!

We do recommend you be honest with yourself first. Ask yourself the question:

Why do you want to learn Muay Thai?

Fitness? Self-Defense? Competition? All of these?

It’s all possible!

In short, if you love Muay Thai, if you’re sincere and if you’re patient, you will enjoy the training much more, all parts of it, regardless of your past experience, of your current fitness level and you will increase tenfold your chances of attaining your short, medium or long term goals!