It’s better, but no you don’t! Like with any other sport and martial art, you’ll get in shape for Muay Thai by coming to Muay Thai classes regularly, at least 2 or 3 times per week! Many people can run marathons but get completely exhausted just after a few rounds on the bag (Muay Thai style!) or while sparring,… so, it doesn’t mean anything to us!

Every sport has its demands and standards for fitness! Again, depending on your objectives: fitness, self -defense or competition…the training and the workout will be adjusted to your goals and fitness level!

We do have some standards, physical and technical…the same way if you join a soccer team you’ll have to be able to warm up by jogging around the field a few times, etc, before moving on to basic soccer skills, advanced drills and small games! But if you want to play a full 90 minutes of high level, high tempo soccer competition, you’d better get in shape and take your training seriously by training often and harder!

Our Muay Thai classes follow the same principles! Training for competition is different from training for basic fitness and self-defense and to concentrate on learning Muay Thai correctly!

But if you don’t have basic endurance, flexibility, strength, etc, for basic Muay Thai training yet, don’t worry! If you workout regularly, Muay Thai style, you will get all those and much more soon enough! That’s part of why we are here!

All you have to do is start and try your best! The rest will come with time! There’s no other way to do it!