Most people who are really interested in learning Muay Thai just do it, whatever it takes! However if you have never done Muay Thai before or any other martial art, the best way to find out is to read about it, visit your local Muay Thai club, observe a class, then… give it a try!

We recommend a minimum of 3 months! Most clubs offer a free trial class…but one class often is usually not enough to make a realistic decision! Some classes are easier and some are harder! Besides, you can ‘t learn Muay Thai in 3 months…so imagine 1 class!

After 3 months however you’ll be able to see some difference in your body, in your skills, etc! You’ll have a deeper understanding of what Muay Thai is, how it is learned and how far you’ve come and how much there is still to go!

Think of it this way: when you see a boxing match on TV…do you feel like learning boxing? Do you like the physical part of it? The competition part of it? The way it makes you look and feel? The discipline and the training? The confidence it gives you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have a valuable reason to give it a try!

Now with Muay Thai you’ll be getting not only all those benefits plus you’ll be learning how to use your fists, elbows, knees and feet as well, and some other extras that only a traditional oriental martial art can offer!

The next question is: are you ready to make a commitment??


Basically all you need is:

1-to like this kind of sport;
2-a sincere desire to learn;

If you like something a lot you’ll want to come regularly to classes, whether it’s rainy or sunny, hot or cold! If you like it you’ll want to be good at it whether its easy or hard, whether you’re tired from work or busy at school with exams!

If you’re sincere, you will give your best every time…not comparing yourself with anyone else and realizing Muay Thai is as much an individual sport as it is a team sport!

You and your attitude are important inside and outside of the Club! Muay Thai by itself will not change anything if you skip classes, smoke and drink too much or eat poorly! I have seen strong, 200 lbs young males give up after just 1 round of skipping with light ropes, while besides them 100 lbs young females with no experience at all skip 3 rounds with Thai heavy ropes and without any problem!

If you’re patient and reasonable you’ll give yourself some goals because you know that Muay Thai takes some time to learn, to get in shape and even more time to practice and eventually master, but anyone can learn it! It’s all up to you, if you really like it and really want it! However without patience and balance in your workout and life style you’ll not go far!

We do recommend you be honest with yourself first. Ask yourself the question:

Why do you want to learn Muay Thai?

Fitness? Self-Defense? Competition? All of these?

It’s all possible!

In short, if you love Muay Thai, if you’re sincere and if you’re patient, you will enjoy the training much more, all parts of it, regardless of your past experience, of your current fitness level and you will increase tenfold your chances of attaining your short, medium or long term goals!


It’s better, but no you don’t! Like with any other sport and martial art, you’ll get in shape for Muay Thai by coming to Muay Thai classes regularly, at least 2 or 3 times per week! Many people can run marathons but get completely exhausted just after a few rounds on the bag (Muay Thai style!) or while sparring,… so, it doesn’t mean anything to us!

Every sport has its demands and standards for fitness! Again, depending on your objectives: fitness, self -defense or competition…the training and the workout will be adjusted to your goals and fitness level!

We do have some standards, physical and technical…the same way if you join a soccer team you’ll have to be able to warm up by jogging around the field a few times, etc, before moving on to basic soccer skills, advanced drills and small games! But if you want to play a full 90 minutes of high level, high tempo soccer competition, you’d better get in shape and take your training seriously by training often and harder!

Our Muay Thai classes follow the same principles! Training for competition is different from training for basic fitness and self-defense and to concentrate on learning Muay Thai correctly!

But if you don’t have basic endurance, flexibility, strength, etc, for basic Muay Thai training yet, don’t worry! If you workout regularly, Muay Thai style, you will get all those and much more soon enough! That’s part of why we are here!

All you have to do is start and try your best! The rest will come with time! There’s no other way to do it!


Kickboxing is a modern contact sport from the early 60s, a mix of western boxing with karate-type kicks above the waist only using safety pads (American style kickboxing) or with low kicks, without safety pads (European and Japanese style kickboxing).

Tae-Kwon-Do is a Korean martial art and an Olympic Sport with lots of high kicks, specially spinning and jumping kicks.

Tae-Bo is an even more recent American creation, mixing Tae-Kwon-Do type kicks, western boxing punches and up-beat music for a purely fitness workout!

Thai-Box is a mix of some very basic “Thai” boxing moves with “ western boxing”, and dance music, again mostly for an aerobic-type fitness workout! Not sure who created it!

Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) has nothing to do with the above mentioned “kick-punch” workouts and martial arts.

Real Muay Thai is a powerful yet beautiful and ancient martial art and an exciting full contact sport, which originated in Thailand centuries ago!

Muay Thai uses the strongest bones of the human body: the fists, elbows, knees, and shins effectively for defense and/or offense!

Traditionally, for self-defense purposes or in times of war, any part of the opponent or enemy’s body was and still is a fair target! But for a safe competition and the true spirit of sport, there are rules! However, whether for sport or for self-defense, real Muay Thai is deeply rooted in ancient Thai traditions and Thai Buddhism! Among other things, before a bout, all fighters must perform a traditional, sacred dance of respect to honor teachers and past masters and show loyalty to their school and prevent fighters and their opponents form serious injury!

As with other traditional martial arts, real Muay Thai is not only about becoming stronger or a champion…but also becoming a wiser and a better person.

Due to its effectiveness and popularity many people including other martial arts instructors are adding some of the basic Muay Thai techniques and training methods to their own styles and fitness workout routines! But in real Muay Thai there are many levels of techniques, from basic to advanced and later to traditional ancient Thai boxing (Muay Boran) techniques, without gloves!

Muay Thai is a complex and much more complete system of boxing than most people imagine. One has to be patient and perseverant to go through all the levels of learning and to truly understand its inner beauty and power.

By learning real, authentic Muay Thai, you’ll not only get in great shape, but you’ll also learn a useful skill, improve your confidence and start a new journey of discovery!

Nowadays, just like western boxing, anyone can learn Muay Thai and practice it safely for self-defense, fitness or for competition (amateur and professional).

How far you want to go is up to you!


Every class is different depending on the instructor and depending on who and how a students show up that day! Usually because we’re open every day our classes have an average of 15 to 20 students of different levels! Daosawan Muay Thai offers an authentic Muay Thai workout, just like the professional camps in Thailand! However the training will be adapted to your needs, and objectives! Everyone learns the same things…but the quantity and intensity will change accordingly, whether you are training for fitness, self-defense or competition! Some classes are more technical, working on basic skills, some classes are more physical, working on your endurance, resistance, strength, etc, some classes are more specific, working on fighting combinations and counters, with or without partner, and some classes are more intensive, working on all the aspects plus sparring and pad training with instructor, etc! If you come regularly you will understand how we work and you’ll be able to work on and improve all these skills and aspects of real Muay Thai training. At Daosawan Muay Thai we believe in “Art before Force”, which means one should get in shape first while also learning and practicing all basic Muay Thai skills properly, without power and equipment, followed slowly by a strong foundation on the heavy bags before moving on to the more intensive training with pads or full contact sparring!

A normal advanced adult class is as follows:

1- Wai Kru, start of the class;

2- Warm-up: jogging and/or skipping, stretching, shadow-boxing;

3- Skills training: alone and/or with partner of similar level and experience;

4- Bag training or / and Pads training with partner or Instructor;

5-Light contact technical sparring* with partner of similar level and experience);

6-Full contact sparring (advanced students only and fight team members);

7-Clinching and ‘neck wrestling’;

8-Strengthening exercises: squats, push-ups, sit-ups, etc;

9-Cool-down: shadow boxing, stretching, breathing exercises, meditation exercises, etc.

10- Wai Kru, end of the class;

Total time: 1.5 to 2 hours.

Again the training, the intensity and the order of the workout will be adjusted and adapted to everyone, depending on their personal objectives, experience and fitness level!

* Sparring in Muay Thai is different from sparring in western boxing! Full Muay Thai sparring is lighter and more technical and without ego! It is very useful for those who are interested in applying what they have learned. It’s ALWAYS done in a safe, controlled and step- by-step manner, with the presence of an Instructor AND WITH ALL THE APPROPRIATE  SAFETY GEAR! We recommend full sparring to all advanced students because  Muay Thai is a fighting art and a full contact sport: “You can‘t learn to swim by practicing on dry land !”


No you don’t! Full contact competition is not for everyone! And most people don’t want to be pro boxers or fighters! You can still workout, learn Muay Thai for the Art, for fitness and self-defense, and for the fun! We do recommend you try sparring once in a while. It’s also part of learning this sport and fighting art! And like everything else, the more you do it, the better at it you’ll get!


Most professional Thai fighters in Thailand start training at a very young age! They start conditioning their fists, elbows, knees and feet (not only their shins!) by working out regularly and mostly on heavy bags and Thai pads!

They run miles and miles every day, making their legs, calves and heart strong, do hundreds of sit-ups for their core strength, pull weights with their teeth for their neck muscles, etc, but most importantly…they get used to contact and pain early on with other fighters and training partners! They condition their minds as well as their shins!

By the time they are adults, they’ve had about 50 or more pro fights! But no one bangs their shins with bottles or sticks!

Their bodies and minds are as though as steel because they also have stamina, heart, skill and experience: they know how to kick, when to kick, when not to kick, how and when to block…with perfect timing and precision, minimizing the damage!

Believe me, they feel pain too (they are only human!) but they are more used to it and their pain tolerance is much higher than that of most westerners!

At Daosawan we train the proper way! If you train for competition you’ll have to train harder all of these aspects…but for most people a normal workout is enough to condition all your body (not only your shins!), for basic fitness and self-defense!!

So leave your bottles and sticks at home!


Well…in Thailand Muay Thai is mostly a professional fight sport! There aren’t any levels or black belts like in other martial arts! The belt is in the ring!

Those who join a pro Muay Thai camp do so to make a living! If you join, you train 6 days per week, 6 to 8 hours per day! When your trainer feels you’re ready for your first fight…you fight! No questions asked! It’s your job!

By this time most boxers are offered a “praciat” (sacred armband) by their teachers or by the local monks! Usually the color red! That’s all! This is a Thai custom since ancient times, to protect the boxers (and in the past, the warriors) from harm and to give them courage!

No colored belts of any kind or diplomas either! In fact they couldn’t care less!
You win your fights, you make money you make a decent living! You lose often and soon you’ll be out of the camp!

You’re recognized as a pro boxer by the professional boxing community- and when you retire (by the age of 26 or 27) you may even open your own boxing camp or change career! Ring experience and championship belts gives them credibility and recognition, but it does not necessarily mean they’ll be good instructors! Just like in any professional sport! Coaching is another learned skill! This is for the modern pro Thai boxers!

However for the amateurs, specially those outside Thailand, the Thai government as well as the top official amateur  International Muay Thai Federations in Thailand have decided to prepare a curriculum of instruction with different levels and colors (about 20 levels, called khan) so that Muay Thai can be taught properly around the world, with all its traditions and skills, from beginner to advanced ( khan 10) to certified instructor level (Kru Yai, khan 13) and even higher up to Master (Ajarn) and Grand Master.

This also had the objective of controlling “Thai” kickboxing clubs and martial arts instructors who had no qualifications to be teaching Muay Thai, which has caused a lot of misunderstanding and delay in the development of this sport around the world!

At Daosawan our goal is to teach and promote real Muay Thai the right way in Quebec, the best we can! We want people to know this martial art and sport and we want our students to go as far as possible and someday to even teach Muay Thai as well, the way it was supposed to be!

All Daosawan instructors are certified by the Thai government, the Kru Muaythai Association or the WMC in Bangkok. We follow those recommendations set by the Thai government and we have the same basic curriculum and same aspirations!

Every 3 months more or less, students are eligible to move up in level, if they come 2-3 times per week! However to be officially certified,  students must pass exams and pay the fees to the corresponding association! This can add to a lot of exams and fees so instead  we just limit the exams to the advanced students and/or those seriously intent on becoming instructors!

These armbands however are just a reminder of the students progress so that they may know how far they’ve come and what’s still ahead! But they don’t have the same connotation as a colored belt does in other martial arts!

They symbolize mostly the exchange between a student and his teacher! A non-written contract where the student promises to learn, be sincere and loyal to his camp, and the teacher promises to share is knowledge to the best of his ability!

The colors of these armbands may vary from school to school and the corresponding association. But in muay thai we don’t look at levels and colors! We look at the work and effort put in every class and it’s pretty much at the teacher’s discretion to promote or not a student!

At Daosawan a student is promoted not only when his fitness and technical skill is up to the level, but also his attitude, understanding of Muay Thai and Thai culture and regularity in training! For a normal person who trains and learns at a normal pace it will take about  2 years to attain an advanced level and 3 to 4 years of regular training to attain an assistant instructor level!

At Daosawan Muaythai Club however , all students in good standing  are usually only given a symbolic praciat once per year, at our annual Hommage to Teachers Ceremony, on March 17, Nai Kanom Thom or Muay Thai Day in Thailand.


Yes, professional Muay Thai fighters around the world train extremely hard specially when a fight is coming up, which for a professional boxer in Thailand occurs once or twice per month!

In Quebec however most people are not professional fighters! There are a few amateur competitors now too…and they also train harder than usual for their tournaments! Then, after the tournament everyone goes back to their normal training routines, to continue learning the art and keep in shape!

Muay Thai is a tough, full contact sport and a martial art! Thai boxers believe that it is better to cry tears of blood during training and tears of laughter during the battle! Not the opposite! This is what makes a Muay Thai fighter tough and respected worldwide! You have to train hard because your opponent is also training hard! The harder and better you train the more chances you have of winning!

At Daosawan we train hard but also smart as well and according to everyone’s goals, age, experience and level! We strive for a balance between hard and easy classes, but always remembering Art before Force! The true hidden power of Muay thai is there! The best fighters of all time and best athletes of all time were all masters of their Art, not necessarily the strongest kickers or the hardest punchers! They used their brains as well as their bodies. They were skilful!

At Daosawan however, some things will never change (this is not a social club!):
you’ll be asked to workout and try your best every time to attain our standards for your level: skipping rope, rounds on the heavy bag, pad training, dozens of push-ups and hundreds of sit- ups are part of the deal!

You want to learn Muay Thai? That is the way to do it! You got to sweat a little! It’s a boxing art and a sport…it takes practice, discipline and effort! In the end you’ll get the results!

It’s not only a matter of can but of “will”! When the going gets tough will you also have the legs, lungs and the “will” to get going?? That is also Muay Thai!

Again, I’ve seen little kids do the work of adults, little women without any martial arts experience making effort without complaint and coming back the next day for more! On the opposite side I’ve seen 180 lbs, mature male adults in their 20’s give up because of some small blisters on their feet or difficulty in jumping rope during a simple warm up, or even worse: because of fear, most people don’t even bother to try!

Will you be able to do it??? The question is: do you really want to do it? If you want, you can! One step at a time! As long as you try! Only you can do it for you!


Any martial arts experience and experience with sports is good! However it can also be difficult to change from your present way of thinking and way of moving…to your new Muay Thai style! You probably will have to “unlearn” and “start” again!

But that is a small price to pay if you want to learn Muay Thai! If you play soccer all your life then start to play rugby…your soccer experience will help you in some aspects of the game…but to play good rugby you’ll have to learn rugby…and train rugby style! The opposite also is true!

Again it all depends on your objectives and reasons to learn Muay Thai. If you just want to learn the basics give yourself at least 3 or 6 months! If you want to learn enough to compete at amateur level…you should give yourself at least 12 months! If you want to teach, it will take at least 3, 4, 5 years!

It is a simple yet complex art, and it takes practice time, dedication, and effort to be good at it! Like anything else!


Well…depending on your experience only you can answer that question! If you feel you know everything there is to know about Muay Thai maybe you still have a lot to learn!

In Muay Thai no one knows everything…there are just people with more experience than others, and some with more knowledge than others! But we all can learn something from everyone, at one time or another!

The best way to find out is to come to our Club observe a class and talk with our instructors! Perhaps you just want to continue your training to keep in shape, or perhaps you feel you want to learn more…or perhaps you want to compete!

Whatever the reason if you like Muay Thai and understand the true spirit of Muay Thai, you will respect all teachers, students and the other clubs! Just like we do!

If you join our Club however you will follow our rules and our training methods!
You will have to follow like the others! After the basic 3 months “probation” you will be given a “praciat” appropriate to your level, according to our standards and our curriculum! In other words, don’t expect any special treatment!

Many people come to our Club saying they’ve done Muay Thai before…some have, but a lot of them haven’t, and they don’t even know it! They get frustrated when our methods suddenly differ from what they have been doing all this time! Sometimes they even think we are not teaching Muay Thai! What can we say? If you show a piece of gold to a blind person all he feels is a cold stone!

Some also feel that their previous experience in martial arts and kickboxing is equivalent, therefore they feel bored when we asked them to practice some of the Muay thai basics!

Because they think they already know what a jab or left hook is, or low kick, or because they’re in pretty good shape they want to train more intensively, training with pads with the instructor in the ring and perhaps even trying some sparring! They think of themselves and forget the class! They forget about learning Muay Thai and don’t see what we’re trying to teach!

But with a first look we can tell they don’t know Muay Thai, their left hook is not a Muay Thai left hook, when they move and stand is not Muay Thai…and if we really did everything they want to do when they show up for a trial class they would not last one round of real Muay Thai training!

We have had professional Muay Thai boxers from Thailand training with us, and helping out with the class! And even them they practiced the basics all over and over again, they followed the class with a smile on their faces and understand how to train with amateurs and how to behave when you go to someone else’s house!

Daosawan is here for those who love Muay Thai, and want to learn all it’s aspects, not only some parts, and not only what they think they need to learn and when they want it!

On the other hand if you really feel you have nothing to learn from us, then it’s probably better you go somewhere else or perhaps start your own Club! No problem!

On the contrary, we wish you the best of luck and success! Your success with Muay thai is the success of Muay Thai!


You can start at the beginning! A very good place to start!

Again depending on your experience you will have to join our regular classes first for at least 3 months or more! (12 months if you’re an absolute beginner)! Then we will see!

Competition is not for everyone! You’ll have to prove you deserve to represent our Club, and must earn our attention by coming often to classes and showing the correct attitude and level of skill necessary!

We chose the best of our students to represent our Club, just like a soccer coach choses his best players to make his team! Because when you fight Muay thai style you don’t just fight for yourself and for your own ego! You compete for your Club, for your teachers and for the Art of Muay Thai!

If you join the Daosawan Fight Team…you’ll have harder schedules and more intensive workouts! You’re expected to train at least 5 times per week for at least 2 months before your first tournament! It is a team sport and you’ll need to be responsible and committed!

Once you decide to enter a tournament, you can not go back on your word! Remember: you’re not in it alone! There are other people involved, your trainers, your teammates and sparring partners, the promoters, sponsors, the fans and… there are many things to learn: physical, technical, mental, tactical, etc. and many things to prepare: logistics, renting of cars, hotels, etc! It’s a lot of extra work for everyone!

You’ll also have to learn the WAI KRU RAM MUAY: the traditional sacred dance of respect to teachers, passed down to us from our teachers and their teachers! That is only for those advanced students and for those committed to our Club and to Muay Thai!

Finally, if a student is accepted into our Daosawan Fight Team he will be required to represent our Club when requested, and when there are opportunities, not when he wishes to do so! Of course there will be some exceptions and time considerations but …we want a real Amateur (and/or Pro) Muay Thai Fight Team, with athletes ready to go from Montreal to Laval, NY, Toronto, Vancouver, Tokyo, or Bangkok within a month’s notice!

We don’t want to lose our time training someone who just wants a “fight” for the fun of it, then disappear for the rest of the year!

Either you are on the Daosawan Fight Team or you’re not on the team! There’s no 50/50! A Fight Team competes…and competes often, towards a provincial, national or international championship!

At Daosawan we follow WMC weight divisions and fight rules for pros and IFMA fight rules, weight divisions and competition classes for amateurs:

Class C (less than 10 fights), Class B (less than 20 fights) and Class A (more than 20 fights)

Again…we are happy and honored to train anyone to represent our Club and represent real Muay Thai! We give the best of us to all our fighters and students! We expect the same from them all as well!


Muay Thai is a great sport for kids! Muay Thai is not a violent sport! It is a sport and a Noble martial art capable of making a young man or woman get in shape, learn discipline, and develop self -confidence, through work, setting goals, and work-play alone and with others!

In Thailand children start Muay Thai at a young age, around 8 or 10 years of age! It’s part of their culture…just like hockey is here in Canada, or soccer is in Brazil!

Often, before they join a camp or Club…Thai children already know some Thai boxing moves and have the style of their favorite boxing heroes! And they’re the nicest of kids you’ll ever meet! Respectful, kind and humble!

At Daosawan we have a curriculum of instruction for kids and teens, and we know which aspects of Thai boxing kids should start learning first! The emphasis is on learning and developing physically and technically, get an appreciation for the art and love for the sport…and have some fun, learn some skills, make new friends, etc!

Again I repeat: Muay Thai is not an “extreme” or “ultimate” fight sport! There is no full contact fighting (or even full sparring for kids) in our Club! And our future competitors don’t fight in cages!

But Muay Thai is a contact sport, a fighting sport and martial art! Kids learn Thai boxing skills and use them on training equipment appropriate for their age and size! But all in a safe and controlled manner, with the supervision of their instructor always! Art before Force!

There is more violence in hockey and basketball games or in video games than in authentic Muay Thai training! On the contrary…training in martial arts, fighting sports, such as western boxing and Thai Boxing…will help kids and teens understand the difference between violence and true strength, earning respect by respecting others first and respecting themselves!

Age 10 and up is a great time to start!


That is a very common question nowadays! First of all let me say we have no problem with that and wish all competitors in any martial art and fighting sport the best of luck and success! Your success is everyone’s success for martial arts in general!

However learning some basics in Muay Thai does not make one a Muay Thai fighter, even if he uses some “shin low kicks” or some “Thai knee” skills in MMA or UFC tournaments!

Often people learn some Muay Thai skills for a few weeks, Jujitsu for a few years, Grappling and Wrestling for a few months than take part in MMA tournaments and call themselves Thai boxers, Jujitsu fighters or grapplers with some Muay Thai experience..or a Thai fighter with Jujitsu skills, etc, etc!

If a MMA or UFC fighter knocks someone out with a high shin kick to the head…then Muay Thai is the best! If it ends on the ground with a leg or arm lock, then Jujitsu is the best!

We don’t agree with that approach! In fact many of them don’t kick, knee, punch or elbow properly (according to pro Muay Thai physical and technical standards most of them should not even be in the ring!!) whether they win or lose!

If you want to call yourself a pro Muay Thai fighter you have to train Muay Thai style 5 to 6 days per week 2 times per day for a few years then fight with real Muay Thai rules for at least 10, 20 fights or more! Then you can call yourself a pro Muay Thai boxer who has some Jujitsu experience! No problem with us!

But entering a MMA tournament, losing it and then blaming the loss because his Muay Thai was not good, or showing off his win because his Muay Thai was excellent… that’s ridiculous! It wasn’t a Muay Thai fight in the first place!

All this unfortunately just helps to perpetuate the stereotype of Muay Thai as another extreme fighting sport!

But let me clear about this: real Muay Thai is not an extreme fighting sport! Muay Thai fighters don’t fight in cages…they fight in sacred rings, and pray sincerely before entering or leaving a ring! They call out for the spirits of the ring, of the earth and the sky to protect them and their opponents from serious injury! When they fight and fall they get up, and give each other a chance to recover and fight fairly! It is a Noble Art!

Amateur and pro Muay Thai fighters fight in competition with rules and tradition, and respect for all, respect for their opponents, for their teachers, for their ancestors! They just do enough to win the match, not to seriously hurt or kill their opponents!

It’s fight of heart and skill, not of egos, and they show it in the ring, in their training and through out their lives!

Even the best of the best Thai fighters stay humble. After more than 200 fights, they know that in the ring one day you win, one day you lose! But on the street, you lose and you may die! And if they ever join the army they know their Muay Thai skills will have their limits! But their courage and heart to fight for their country and for what is right is limitless!!

At Daosawan we are all in favor of trying different martial arts and sports until you find the one that suits your physical attributes and personality!

We also believe ALL martial arts are worth studying! But we know by experience that it is pretty difficult to get a PhD in Medecine and another one in Law …at the same time!

At a top level though, all masters, top instructors and fighters agree on one thing:
100% mastery or effectiveness doesn’t exist! If it did, we’d be Gods or Supermen! But we aren’t! We are all just men, women and children!

True effectiveness in combat is dependant on too many variables, from the clothes you’re wearing that day to the weather outside! Success depends not only on the style, but also on the context, on the individual, his training, his experience, his talent and ability!

Success in the ring is victory, on the street it’s survival…on the battlefield it’s hell!
But true success in life and as a human being is love, peace, wisdom and kindness …pretty close to heaven!

In other words, you can have some fool learn all possible martial arts and not master a single one…while all you need is a good punch at the right place and right time… by another fool!

So our advice is the following: find a martial art or a fighting sport that suits you and once you find it, be good at it! Give yourself to it…master it and understand the difference between training for fun, training for fitness, training for competition and training for self-defense or for a war! It’s all different…but if you’re good at it, it can help you when you really need it to save your life!

It’s not how much you know..but how well you can use the little that you know!

But there’s no guarantee!

Trying to find the “best” martial art or to be invincible is useless and futile for most civilians! They can not train 8 hours per day like a gladiator or warrior, even if they wanted! And if you want to be a real professional warrior, better join the army, or the police, help your country and show your value by putting your life on the line!

A champion in the ring, regardless of style (that includes Muay Thai as well!) or mix of styles, does not make anyone invincible, or his mix of styles the best, most realistic style!

You’ll find out soon enough if ever you’re surrounded by enemy soldiers (or half a dozen street thugs out to kill you!!) whether your grappling skills, your kicks or elbow strikes and holds are going to help you, you’ll find right after you’ve been shot or stabbed from all sides a few times, one day or one late evening!

There are strengths and limits to us all! But if you live by the sword…you’ll die by the sword, sooner or later!

Fighting and violence are wrong without a valuable reason and promoting fighting without promoting wisdom, respect, compassion and honor is not the right way!

The best self-defense is to prevent and avoid trouble by having a healthy body and a healthy mind! With strength, skill and power must be taught wisdom and kindness! A strong person without wisdom is what we simply call a bully!

Real Muay Thai training offers a more balanced approach: the physical, the technical, the mental and the spiritual, as handed down from ancient times!

Having said all this, we will teach anyone basic Muay Thai regardless,
if it can help anyone in any way…but we are not coaches or instructors of MMA, UFC, PRIDE, Vale Tudo, etc! Those are different sports, different fighting arts with different rules!

Our sport at Daosawan is pure Muay Thai, for fitness, self-defense or competition, amateur or pro, with full Thai rules and all the beautiful, ancient Thai traditions!

No disrespect intended against others…but we just like ours the best, are proud of the way it simply is and we are trying hard to promote it and keep it that way!

If someone wants to compete with full Muay Thai rules, representing Muay Thai, representing our Club…amateur or pro, we’ll be in your corner all the way, with all our heart and soul, in and out of the ring!