Certified WMC Professional Muaythai Coach, Level 3, since 2000, Rang Sit, Thailand.

Certified KRU MUAY, Khan 12, since 2004, Bangkok, Thailand.

30 years experience.

He has a B.A. from the University of Montreal with a minor in East-Asian Studies. He is fluent in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese, and a little Thai. When he is not teaching, training eating and breathing Muaythai… he is usually a nice guy!

Kru Leo’s Muaythai lineage ( in his words):

Pud Pad Noy (Golden Leg ) WORAWOOT, 5 times Muaythai champion of Thailand;

My first inspiration! The best left leg and one of the best kick and elbow combos in the business! I wish you’d stayed longer! I still have your shorts though…

AJaan “Peter” (DAOSAWAN) , former East -Thailand Muaythai Champion;

The original Daosawan! My first teacher, my friend, my second father: you shared your power and your heart…i thank you and i hope you’re proud of me!

Ajaan Chalee KHUNTAREE (Pharuaslek Sitchuntong, Rang Sit, Thailand) 5 times Muaythai champion in 3 different weight categories;

What a fighter, what a trainer and what a gentleman! You make all Thais proud! Thank you for sharing your knowledge…with an amateur “farang” like me!

Ajaan Pramote HOIMOOK (Nongkee Pahuyuth, Thailand) trainer of champions

What can i say? Thank you for inviting me to your camp! Thank you for sharing your time…and thank you for your kindness, patience! ! Hope we can all play Takraw again together someday!

Kru Vut KAMNARK (and his team) in the USA;

Thanks for the great seminars!

A very special thanks to Mr Amnuay KESBUMRUNG and all the trainers and staff at the Muaythai Institute in Rang Sit.

Eternally grateful to Ajaan Chinawut SIRISOMPAN (MASTER WOODY) and Kru Suphan CHABAIRAM of the M.C.C.T (Muaythai Conservation Center of Thailand) , W.M.B.F. (World Muay Boran Federation) and Kru Muaythai Association, for their teaching, support and encouragement: “Politics divide but Muaythai is One!”

Finally but not least , Ajaan Sane, and his top student Ajaan Ekger of the Siamyouth Muaythai Camp! The heart and soul of Muaythai! No words to describe! Its an honour to be your student and friend!

Finally thanks to all the Thai people, trainers, fighters, young and old, who took the time to share some skills and correct my mistakes, for their friendship and their smiles!

Thanks to all the Thai kids at various camps who “kicked my ass!”

“Sabai sabai…Gin kao pai mai?”