About Us

Base Muya Thaï Mag V5 85x11 sans cordes  sans markings logo Daosawan fused V2-2At Daosawan (STAR FROM HEAVEN) Muaythai Club our main goal is to introduce, promote and preserve real Muaythai  (Thai Boxing) in all its aspects: physical, technical and cultural.

We are still the only Club in Montreal entirely and solely dedicated to the Art and the Sport of Muaythai!

All instructors have had extensive training in Thailand and are Kru Muay, Certified Instructors by the Masters (Ajaan Muay)  in Thailand.

Since 2003, our Club has been a reference point  for Muaythai in Quebec as well as in Eastern Canada! fake watches fake watches fake watches

Our first amateur fighters were some of the first ones to be recognized by the local amateur Muaythai community as being the authentic thing!

We were the first ones to have the first ever professional Muaythai fighter representing Quebec and our Club at the first ever Muaythai Canadian Contender gala held in Calgary, Alberta in 2008.

Our club is here to all interested in Muaythai! Men and women, children and teens, regardless of experience, fitness level or whether interested in competition or just wanting a great way to lose weight and get in shape, get some discipline , more confidence, etc !

To better accommodate all our students however, and without sacrificing true Muaythai, we have a curriculum of instruction, passed down to us by our teachers in Thailand, from beginner to intermediate to advanced levels as well as an Assistant -Instructor program for our most advanced students and /or fighters!

At Daosawan Muaythai Club, we pride ourselves in the fact that following Thai traditions and since the very beginning we honor all our teachers every year and grade all our students at the annual Wai Kru Pee Ceremony held in March at the club, to pay homage to the history of Muaythai and to remind ourselves and pay our respects to all those who have taught us, and in this way, do our part in keeping the true Muaythai spirit alive!

Real Muaythai is a strong and a beautiful sport!  Strong not only because of its powerful techniques and training methods but strong also because of its traditions! In fact the more beautiful, the stronger it is, and the stronger it is, the more beautiful! This beauty and power is hidden in its traditions, available and taught only to those patient enough to learn, with eyes to see and a heart to feel!

Whether you are interested in fitness, self-defense, or competition (amateur or pro) we are confident that the Daosawan Muaythai Club is the Muaythai club for you.

Please don’t hesitate to pass by the club for more detailed info, to observe a class or for a free trial lesson.

Khawp Khun Maak Krup! Thank you very much!

-Kru Leo



The Daosawan (STAR FROM HEAVEN) Muaythai Club logo is a star made of 2 identical squares in 3 colors: red, white and blue, the colors of the Thai national flag.

As Muaythai is commonly known in Thailand as being the “Science of Eight Limbs”, or the “Eight-Pointed-Star Boxing Art”, so is the Daosawan Muaythai Club star represented by 8 points symbolizing the strongest bones of the human body: fists, elbows, knees, and (shins) feet.

It is a strong, hard, impenetrable shape. As sharp and effective in defense as in offense! Facing fearlessly every direction, but with always at its center the pure mind, the calm heart, the brave and wise spirit.

This Daosawan Muaythai Club logo hopes to protect, illuminate and guide those who look up for it with pride and respect. A bridge between the past, present and future:The Teachers, Muaythai, and the Students.daosawan full logo cleaned up

Our affiliations:

  • IFMA,  International Federation of Muay Thai Amateur, Thailand;
  • Kru Muaythai Association, Thailand;
  • WMC , World Muaythai Council -Muay Thai Institute,  Thailand;
  • Muaythai Canada;
  • WKF Canada;
  • Quebec Amateur Muaythai Council;;
  • Siamyout, Thai Martial Arts, Muaythai, Muay Boran, Krabi-Krabong, Thailand