Congrats to our champ !

Couldn’t be more proud! After 30 years of muaythai in Quebec , finally we had a first participation by a Quebec coach and a Quebec athlete on Team Canada at the IFMA World Amateur Muaythai Championship, facing some of the best in the world and bringing back the first medal for Quebec ! All this in spite of the Quebec ban on amateur muaythai competitions for the last 2 years! But muaythai is here and on the way to the Olympics ! Team Canada is well organized and following IFMA’s rules and regulations ! Muaythai is now part of the World Games and University World Games ! Let’s hope Quebec changes its outdated and unfair combat sports laws so that we can organize this beautiful art and combat sport in Quebec and that our athletes can compete with the rest of Canada and the world ! Thank you all for your support ! Muaythai for all! All for Muaythai!