Introducing: SIAMTIGER, authentic Muaythai training wear!

Introducing: SIAMTIGER , authentic Muaythai training wear!

It’s an immense pleasure to all of us at Daosawan Muaythai to carry this new brand of authentic muaythai training wear and to help anyone looking for the real thai style!

We all know that Karate, Tae Kwon Do or Kung Fu have their own style of uniform and training wear! They may look alike , but they are not! They all maybe be white or black cotton, but they all have their own different and specific cut and style, that originated in their own respective countries, with a specific history and culture!

The same is true with Muaythai ! It may look like Boxing, Kickboxing or MMA…but Muaythai is none of these! The culture, the origin, the authentic Muaythai style is different!

Siamtiger wants to perpetuate this authentic and beautiful Muaythai style in its products and that’s why they and we insist that the products are all hand made in Thailand with local Thai materials with a focus on the traditional designs, cuts and colours and materials! In short, like the saying goes: ”  if you want to fight like a Thai, you have to train ( and wear ) like a Thai! ”

First, the shorts: Kang Kaeng Muay (Muaythai shorts):

Muaythai is a powerful fight sport! But its also a colourful, fun and beautiful fight sport! Thanks in part to its traditions and that includes the training wear!

Just like fighting fish, or the fighting cocks of Thailand, Thai boxers like flashy colours, mixing oranges with purples and greens, golds and silver, fluorescent yellows with blues, fluorescent blues with pinks …no problem! The brighter, the more “sanook”  (fun), the flashier, the better!

Siamtiger has two types of authentic Muaythai shorts:

1- basic, light weight, acrylic shorts for training;

2- professional or amateur competition, satin shorts;

Second: the “Pa Pan Mue” (Muaythai  handwraps):

Authentic Muaythai handwraps!  All white, simple, pure coton handwraps (without velcro and thumb loop). Like in the golden days of Muaythai!

We have our reasons: Better for your hands, for stronger wrists and punches! You won’t know until you’ve tried them! But you have to learn how to use them, put them on, take them off, take care of them, again…thai style!

Third: the “Praciat” ( Muaythai armbands):

Beautiful handmade Muaythai armbands in different colour combinations and fabrics with a touch of gold, and a lot of respect for its history and tradition! A must for any Muaythai fighter, amateur or pro!

Fourth: the “Mongkon” ( traditional Muaythai headband):

No Muaythai fighter will dare go in the ring without one! THE symbol of the past warriors of the Kingdom of Thailand! To pay respect to his teachers and honour the Thai tradition and culture!

Siamtiger muaythai mongkons are some of the best and most beautiful handmade mongkons , that will help making your fighter stand out and feel the power of tradition, the power of real Muaythai, with pride and respect!

All you have to do next is bring all these products to a Thai buddhist monk for a special blessing! Well, …maybe next time!

Siamtiger products are now available at Daosawan Muaythai Club for its students at special reduced prices!

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