Welcome to Daosawan!Montreal's only Muay Thai
club dedicated entirely to authentic Thai boxing

Welcome to Daosawan!Montreal's only Muay Thai
club dedicated entirely to authentic Thai boxing

Welcome to Daosawan!




Take advantage of our long term specials and of our student discounts to get in shape now while learning real Muaythai (Thai Boxing),  the ancient martial art and fight sport of the Kingdom of Thailand, with its powerful yet beautiful use of fists, feet, elbows and knees…and its ancient traditions!

At Daosawan Muaythai it’s now been 13 years and we are extremely proud of our contribution to the history and the recognition of real amateur Muaythai in Quebec.

Our students and competitors are recognized in the  local and provincial muaythai scene by their high technical skill and authentic Thai style! In fact some of our best students are now at the highest level whether as Assistant Instructors and  amateur Muaythai competitors in Quebec or as professional Muaythai fighters in Thailand!

Our secret:  quality, dedication, passion…and mostly, respect for the Thai traditions!

We are still the only Club in the greater Montreal area solely and entirely dedicated to the teaching and promotion of authentic Muaythai, the Art and the Sport!

Just as it was transmited to us by our Instructors , teachers and masters in Thailand, we have a curriculum of instruction  in order to better accommodate all our students and help them learn and progress safely from one level to the next, from beginner to advanced student to assistant- instructor or competitor , amateur or pro!

At Daosawan Muaythai not only will you be working on your physical conditioning, your strength, cardio and flexibility in a progressive way and learning and practicing all the basic authentic muaythai skills as well as their more advanced variations , but you will also be surprised by our approach, the “thai ways”, the language and certain rituals that are part of authentic Muaythai training!

So, are you really serious about learning Muaythai ? Are you looking for a new and exciting way of getting in shape, of discipline, confidence, self-defense ?  Are you interested  in competition?

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions, then the  DAOSAWAN MUAYTHAI CLUB  is for you!

Whether you are a total beginner or not, male or female, kid or teen, interested in Muaythai for fitness, self-defense or competiton (amateur or pro),  with our daily group or private classes  at Daosawan Muaythai we are confident that we can help you attain your objectives!



PS: for more information please don’t hesitate to visit the rest of our website, the FAQ page or to pass by the club in person!






vm 11 daosawan fight team 3

Hello again everyone! What a start of the year we are having!

Ice, Stephen and Franck,  3 of our best and most experienced students and amateur muaythai fighters, after many years of training were finally offered a chance to fight for an amateur muaythai championship title in Quebec, and boy did they take their chance, bringing home a hat-trick of amateur muaythai title belts in one incredible night!

It was Victory Muaythai 11, at Club Soda on Feb 16, 2016, the most consistent and well organized muaythai, kickboxing and mma  promotions in Quebec for the last 10 years.  Sanctioned by the new WKF Canada, from beginners in Class C ( 3×2 minutes rounds, no elbows, head gear and shinpads)  to the more experienced Class B and Class A ( 5x 2 minute rounds, no head gear, shin pads and padded elbows alowed), it featured some of the best amateur muaythai athletes in Quebec and a few top ones from Ontario!

Congratulations to :

Uchukron “Ice” Maneesuwannarat, Class B, Amateur Muaythai, Light Welterweight Champion;

Franck Le Naveaux, Class B, Amateur  Muaythai, Light Middleweight Champion;

Stephen Oppong, Class A, Amateur Muaythai, Middleweight Champion;

Thank you to all the fans, fighters and promotors!

Thank you to our students who fought with power , skill, heart and tradition!

We are the Champions!







Making amateur muaythai history in Quebec

titans 1 oli vs joey 1

On January 16, 2016 , at Theatre St -Hubert on the very first “Night of the Titans” Promotions, sanctioned by the Quebec Muaythai Council, our very own muaythai champ Olivier Langlois Ross made muaythai history in Quebec.

For the very first time,  muaythai fans in Montreal were able to see one of their very best athletes in action, in an incredible Class A , 5 x 2 minutes, heavy weight,  full muaythai rules match: punches, kicks, knees, elbows and clinching.

Because of a lack of high level opponents  in Quebec, Olivier , who already has a dozen professional muaythai fights in Thailand, was matched with the more experienced  and mature Joey George of the famous MAS Thai Boxing club in Cambridge Ontario, one of the best muaythai clubs in Canada, home of champions like World Amateur Champ Asley NIchols, Joey George and Rob Thomas , all of which have recently participated in such prestigious evens such as Glory in Chicago and Lion Fight in Los Angeles.





Introducing: SIAMTIGER, authentic Muaythai training wear!

siamtiger gear for web 1

Introducing: SIAMTIGER , authentic Muaythai training wear!

It’s an immense pleasure to all of us at Daosawan Muaythai to carry this new brand of authentic muaythai training wear and to help anyone looking for the real thai style!

We all know that Karate, Tae Kwon Do or Kung Fu have their own style of uniform and training wear! They may look alike , but they are not! They all maybe be white or black cotton, but they all have their own different and specific cut and style, that originated in their own respective countries, with a specific history and culture!

The same is true with Muaythai ! It may look like Boxing, Kickboxing or MMA…but Muaythai is none of these! The culture, the origin, the authentic Muaythai style is different!

Siamtiger wants to perpetuate this authentic and beautiful Muaythai style in its products and that’s why they and we insist that the products are all hand made in Thailand with local Thai materials with a focus on the traditional designs, cuts and colours and materials! In short, like the saying goes: ”  if you want to fight like a Thai, you have to train ( and wear ) like a Thai! ”

First, the shorts: Kang Kaeng Muay (Muaythai shorts):

Muaythai is a powerful fight sport! But its also a colourful, fun and beautiful fight sport! Thanks in part to its traditions and that includes the training wear!

Just like fighting fish, or the fighting cocks of Thailand, Thai boxers like flashy colours, mixing oranges with purples and greens, golds and silver, fluorescent yellows with blues, fluorescent blues with pinks …no problem! The brighter, the more “sanook”  (fun), the flashier, the better!

Siamtiger has two types of authentic Muaythai shorts:

1- basic, light weight, acrylic shorts for training;

2- professional or amateur competition, satin shorts;

Second: the “Pa Pan Mue” (Muaythai  handwraps):

Authentic Muaythai handwraps!  All white, simple, pure coton handwraps (without velcro and thumb loop). Like in the golden days of Muaythai!

We have our reasons: Better for your hands, for stronger wrists and punches! You won’t know until you’ve tried them! But you have to learn how to use them, put them on, take them off, take care of them, again…thai style!

Third: the “Praciat” ( Muaythai armbands):

Beautiful handmade Muaythai armbands in different colour combinations and fabrics with a touch of gold, and a lot of respect for its history and tradition! A must for any Muaythai fighter, amateur or pro!

Fourth: the “Mongkon” ( traditional Muaythai headband):

No Muaythai fighter will dare go in the ring without one! THE symbol of the past warriors of the Kingdom of Thailand! To pay respect to his teachers and honour the Thai tradition and culture!

Siamtiger muaythai mongkons are some of the best and most beautiful handmade mongkons , that will help making your fighter stand out and feel the power of tradition, the power of real Muaythai, with pride and respect!

All you have to do next is bring all these products to a Thai buddhist monk for a special blessing! Well, …maybe next time!

Siamtiger products are now available at Daosawan Muaythai Club for its students at special reduced prices!

For others interested in the possibility of receiving the Siamtiger catalogue of or any information regarding its products and prices, please contact :


For a stronger, more beautiful and true Muaythai: