Welcome to Daosawan!Montreal's only Muay Thai
club dedicated entirely to authentic Thai boxing

Welcome to Daosawan!Montreal's only Muay Thai
club dedicated entirely to authentic Thai boxing

Welcome to Daosawan!




Take advantage of our long term specials and of our student discounts to get in shape now while learning real Muaythai (Thai Boxing),  the ancient martial art and fight sport of the Kingdom of Thailand, with its powerful yet beautiful use of fists, feet, elbows and knees…and its ancient traditions!

At Daosawan Muaythai it’s now been 13 years and we are extremely proud of our contribution to the history and the recognition of real amateur Muaythai in Quebec.

Our students and competitors are recognized in the  local and provincial muaythai scene by their high technical skill and authentic Thai style! In fact some of our best students are now at the highest level whether as Assistant Instructors and  amateur Muaythai competitors in Quebec or as professional Muaythai fighters in Thailand!

Our secret:  quality, dedication, passion…and mostly, respect for the Thai traditions!

We are still the only Club in the greater Montreal area solely and entirely dedicated to the teaching and promotion of authentic Muaythai, the Art and the Sport!

Just as it was transmited to us by our Instructors , teachers and masters in Thailand, we have a curriculum of instruction  in order to better accommodate all our students and help them learn and progress safely from one level to the next, from beginner to advanced student to assistant- instructor or competitor , amateur or pro!

At Daosawan Muaythai not only will you be working on your physical conditioning, your strength, cardio and flexibility in a progressive way and learning and practicing all the basic authentic muaythai skills as well as their more advanced variations , but you will also be surprised by our approach, the “thai ways”, the language and certain rituals that are part of authentic Muaythai training!

So, are you really serious about learning Muaythai ? Are you looking for a new and exciting way of getting in shape, of discipline, confidence, self-defense ?  Are you interested  in competition?

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions, then the  DAOSAWAN MUAYTHAI CLUB  is for you!

Whether you are a total beginner or not, male or female, kid or teen, interested in Muaythai for fitness, self-defense or competiton (amateur or pro),  with our daily group or private classes  at Daosawan Muaythai we are confident that we can help you attain your objectives!



PS: for more information please don’t hesitate to visit the rest of our website, the FAQ page or to pass by the club in person!




photo franck and stephen daosawan

 and fitness clubs? If you are really serious about getting in great shape fast, why not try something different?

Take advantage of our “Back to School -2015 Fall Specials”  to not only get in incredible shape, but also learn an exciting and practical fight sport and make new friends, all at the same time!

Come and learn the pratical, powerful use of fists, elbows, kicks and knees as well as push your limits as Muaythai is more than a combat sport , much more than just fighting! 

Like every year, to all new students and for a limited time only  : 

Sign up for 3, 6 or 12 months and receive 1, 2 o3 months respectively, free!

In addition,  full-time adult students will get 10% off our regular membership fees 

as well as of any personal training gear!      

***Please note: 

This special offer will expire on :

Saturday, October 31st, 2015  

At DAOSAWAN MUAYTHAI CLUB , like in Thailand, somethings will never change: It pays to be loyal , respectful and true and that is why the longer you stay with us, the more you will learn about real muaythai and it traditions, the better at muaythai you will get and the cheaper your fees will become! Guaranteed!

Once a member, you will be able to attend all group classes from monday to friday, mornings and evenings according to your personal objectives and availability, always under the supervision of an experienced and thai certified muaythai Instructor and Kru Muay !

You will also have full access to the club, to more free practice time as well as to the student ranking at our annual WAI KRU PEE  traditional Homage to Teachers ceremony!

All men, women, children and teens, (from age 10 and up) of all fitness levels and experience are welcome !


( certain conditions will apply)

please contact the club and /or the schedule pages for more info!

So what are you waiting for?

“Dont listen to what they say! Go see!”

Come and learn the ART and SPORT of Muaythai!

Come and learn 100% Muaythai!


-SINCE 2003

(For any other info about Muaythai and our training programs please read our FAQ page or pass by the club to observe a class)


Wai Kru Pee 2015


Sawatdee krup!

A big thank you to all those that atendend our 2015 Wai Kru Pee, the traditional ceremony of paying homage to teachers!

Thank you in particular to the advanced students for their traditional muaythai demos and to all the offerings!

Hope you felt something special that is worthwhile preserving! Muaythai is much more than a combat sport!

Khawp khun Maak Krup!

Star of the Month

Maxime Libai – Nov 2014

star of the month maxime lubai 6




I'm in my 6th month, still a beginner!

Why do you do Muay Thai?

I was always interested in martial arts, i thought it was about time to start! Muaythai seemed to be the most complete one, using knees and elbows , that's why it appealed a lot to me!

What are your personal goals?

Becoming bad ass!! (Joking)...Just to get better and maybe do a fight or two!

Why do you choose to train at Daosawan?

I found Daosawan by chance, not knowing anything about the club! The family ambiance and good training are what have kept me continuing!

Have you noticed any positive changes since you started training?

More confidence, more focus, ...overall i'm just feeling better! I'm starting to have nice abs too :) .

Do you have any advice for others who are just getting started?

Give yourself some time! Be dedicated, because it takes a lot of repetition and work to learn!

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